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Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure and privilege to invite you to join the XVIth European Symposium on Platelet & Granulocyte Immunobiology (ESPGI 2021)

due to the continuing global COVID-19 pandemic with its substantial impact on our personal and professional lives, ESPGI 2021 will take place in a shorten VIRTUAL format on September 1-2th, 2021 with high hopes for a face to face full meeting during 2022


Throughout the years, the goal of the ESPGI Conference has been to bring together all those interested in the fascinating field of immune-mediated platelet and granulocyte clinical conditions/disorders and to be a place for learning and exchange of knowledge with regard to research as well as various diagnostic methods in the field. As such, the upcoming ESPGI 2021 will keep on with this tradition and introduce participants to the forefront of research and knowledge in the field of platelet and granulocyte immunology.

During the meeting, you will be exposed to innovative and exciting presentations in the fields of platelets and autoimmunity, innovations in FNAIT and ITP, new diagnostic methods for the detection of platelet and granulocyte antibodies and genetic methods, including NIPD, pathophysiology of TRALI, autoimmune neutropenia and more.

The ISBT Working Parties on Platelet and Granulocyte Immunobiology are both active partners in the conference. 

Looking forward to meeting you at the ESPGI 2021.


Lilach Bonstein

Symposium Chair


On behalf of the Organizing Committee

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